Bobbie photo 201301There are a gazillion recipe blogs out there, so why another one? Well, I was casting about for something to do after retiring and thought I’d collect my favorite recipes into a single collection. This would be helpful for me — I’d no longer have to remember if that particular recipe was in the box, the accordion file, the manila folder, the computer or the pile on the counter waiting to get filed in one of the other places. I could get everything organized by type and then alphabetically. And then I could make copies for each of my kids who, I’m pleased to say, often ask for my cooking advice. Friends often ask me to share recipes as well. What better way than with a blog?

The recipes in this blog are all kosher, which is to say they do not use any inherently non-kosher ingredients such as pork or shellfish, and they do not mix meat and dairy products.

I didn’t invent most of these recipes. They came from other friends and family members, and from newspapers and magazines, though I have altered many of them. Wherever possible, I give credit to the person or place where I got the recipe, though that may not be the original source.

Anyone is welcome to share these recipes freely. I hope you’ll also share that they came from my blog, in the hope that others will become regular readers.


One Response to “About”

  1. Nira Lev October 30, 2020 at 1:08 pm #

    Great idea and great recipes!

    I am glad to be a subscriber! I can use only simple, easy recipes… We both like to eat, but I do not like to cook…

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